Teton Pines Happy Hour

Life is sublime at the Teton Pines happy hour.

On a whim, we drove five miles south of Teton Village to the Teton Pines Club House in January. For more than a week we kept passing the sign advertising a happy hour. Curiosity finally overcame us and we decided to go. Admittedly, we were not overly expectant.  After all, Teton Pines is a country club – not the sort of thing my wife and I usually plan on going to when we visit Jackson Hole.

Teton Pines Happy HourBut from the moment we walked in and found our way to the bar tucked into the back of the clubhouse we realized we had found something special. The huge glass windows looking out on a beautiful landscape perfectly showcase both past and present snowfalls. The bar is small and cozy; especially if you arrive before 5:00 p.m. and the extremely friendly bartenders have time to engage in conversation.

The drink menu had some great combinations. My wife and I ordered a hot cider combination and our friends enjoyed a chocolate flavored concoction. But for those who aren’t looking for something quite so sweet there are plenty of other possibilities along with the normal top shelf liquor found at a well-stocked bar.

But the clear winner was the happy hour menu. Seven different appetizers, each sounding better than the other, will tempt you. We ordered three:

  1. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Bites;
  2. Trio of meatball Sandwiches; and
  3. Mini Fish Tacos.

Not only were they delicious, the portions were surprisingly large – and the price was right – $7 -$9 each. Four of us were satiated from eating those three choices.

Happy hour is only available Wednesday through Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Unfortunately, it is only offered during the winter. Hopefully, that policy will change for the summer folks.

On this web site, I only write about places I have enjoyed and will return to. Yesterday I went back again.  This time the four of us ordered five different appetizers and then ordered repeats of two of them. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Check it out at Teton Pines.

Kayaking on Jenny Lake


Kayak Jenny Lake

Seven trees stand green and tall atop a burnt, but not barren hillside.  How did they survive the fires that engulfed the northwestern shore of Jenny Lake? How could I have gone eight years recreating all over Jackson Hole without once kayaking in the early morning placid waters of the Lake?  Those were my thoughts as my wife and I glided along the shoreline.

We arrived at the boat dock about 9:00 AM on September 3rd.  It was the last day of the season. The Jenny Lake Boating concession was closing a month early because of unusually low water levels. According to an attendant this was due to heavy early season snow run-off caused by high temperatures followed by a dry summer. 

My wife and I are no strangers to kayaking. We have glided through frigid ocean teeming with life in Alaska, protected water off the San Juan Islands, placid boat channels in Vancouver and a misty lake in Connecticut. We may not have refined our two person kayak technique, but we have learned the fine art of arguing about who is paddling harder, who is paddling better, and who wants to paddle at all.

With full knowledge of our propensity to debate the fine arts of boating, we prepared to venture onto a body of water in a narrow plastic shell that magnifies any momentary lapses of balance. [Read more…]

Jackson Hole – Dornan’s

If you want the best Bloody Mary for the best price in the world, Dornan’s is the place to go.  If you want world class views of the Tetons while savoring incredibly tasty pizzas, calzones, and salads washed down by local beers, Dornan’s is the place to go.  If you want to rent bikes to ride into Grand Teton National Park or just pick up a few grocery items before you enter the Park, Dornan’s is the place to go.  If you…. well you get the idea – Dornan’s is the place to go! [Read more…]

Wilson – Hungry Jack’s General Store

If you are heading west towards Teton pass, you will enter the town of Wilson just before the road begins its ascent over the mountains.  The town is small and unassuming, but contains a gem that should not be missed – Hungry Jack’s General Store.  It will be on your right (north side of the road), just to the left of the Post Office.  If ever you wanted to step into culture of the past fused with the products of the present this is it.  Hungry Jack’s is a general store where you can pick up basic grocery items, clothing, DVDs, etc. in an eclectic menagerie that harkens to the working West.

I usually enter thinking of one or two things that I need, and leave with having not found them but being drawn to purchasing several other items that catch my passing fancy.  It is a store that you feel good about making a purchase in.  It has a family run atmosphere that shakes you free from the corporate retail culture that we have all become used to navigating.  When you leave with a pair of work gloves with Jackson Hole insignia, Carhartt jeans or some other item you feel you are also leaving with a piece of this wonderful valley.

Cunningham Cabin – A Peek At Jackson Hole’s Past

A nondescript turn off, a ¼ mile road boarded by “buck and rail” fences stretching like an dagger pointed directly at the Tetons, and sagebrush and flatland stretching all around you – why stop here?

After you park your car and pass through the open fence, a faint trail leads you to an unanticipated delight.  Cunningham cabin [Read more…]

Slide Lake

Views:Mountain Lake and red rocks, On the Way Back the absolutely most magnificent view of the Teton Range [Read more…]

Organic Food Tour

Walking on the farm

While in Back Country Provisions getting sandwiches several days ago, my wife noticed a flyer advertising a tour by Slow Food in the Tetons of three organic farms in Teton Valley, on the other side of the pass from Wilson.  Despite my initial reservations, I agreed to go.  What I saw and learned  served to remind me of the special character of the land and the people which comprise the Teton region. [Read more…]