I purchased a Condo in Teton Village in 2003, and have since spent more than forty days a year vacationing and working in Jackson Hole.  Almost every day has included some form of exploration and activity.  Frequently, my friends ask me whether they should visit the area,  what to do when they arrive and where to eat and stay.  Finally, I decided to be a little more rigorous and organized in my suggestions and that thought is the genesis of this blog.

My Hope

It is my intent to give my readers the benefit of my impressions.  I want you to know what I do and where I go in the hopes of enhancing your “Hole” experience.  While some of my suggestions can be found in guide books, many are not.  No suggestion will be made unless I, or my wife, have personally experienced it and want to repeat it.  There certainly are other options or experiences that you would enjoy, but they are ones that I have not done or would not enjoy (for example I once rode a balloon in Steamboat and swore never to do that again – but you might well feel differently and the option to do so near Teton Village certainly exists).

Your Comments

I ask that you provide comments if you find errors or have other suggestions after experiencing what I have recommended.  By obtaining your feedback we can all learn from each other to the benefit of all.