Consulting For Your Trip to Jackson Hole

What I Offer

If you would like some assistance on the telephone concerning your upcoming trip to Jackson Hole I would be happy to speak with you for up to fifteen minutes. In order to arrange a time and date please send me contact information using the form below. After we have spoken, if you believe it was worthwhile, then I would appreciate you paying me using the paypal button at the bottom.

My Conflict of Interest

Just so you know, I do own a Condo that I rent in Teton Village, I have a friend that rents a Condo in the Aspens and I have a relationship with one rental company in the event that I refer them business. Other than that, I have no financial arrangements with any other company in Jackson Hole.  So, my advice to you will be based on what I genuinely believe.


Having said that, I do want to make clear that if you accept the advice I give, you are doing so “at your own risk” and are waiving the right to make any claim against me if I am in error or negligent. In other words I don’t guarantee your satisfaction, I just provide background from which you need to make your own decisions and I strongly encourage you to verify and supplement the information I provide you from other sources.


PayPal Payments

Please pay me for the service I provided only if it was helpful for you.

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