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My Real Estate Broker Recomendation If You Want The Straight Scoop!

I met Darren Kleiman in early 2003, when I first became interested in purchasing a property in Jackson Hole.  Our first contact was a cold call by me to the brokerage he was working for.  Darren was patient, informative and honest with regard to the inventory in the price range I was prepared to pay.  Shortly therefter I arrived in Jackson.  Darren spent considerable time showing several properties without pressuring me to make a decision on any of them.  Unfortunately, none of the listings met my needs.  I certainly gained by soaking up the voluminous amount of knowledge that Darren imparted to me, and if he felt any frustration in spending considerable time without any financial reward he certainly did not show it.

Over the next few months I did not lose interest in buying a property in Jackson, but the opportunity to do so diminished.  Darren answered my questions over that period with patience and understanding.

Finally, six months later, I decided the time had come to fish or cut bait.  I returned to Jackson and Darren and I looked at several properties, but by then it was clear that Darren knew exactly what I wanted and could afford because of our many discussions over the last several months.  He honestly appraised each property we were looking at, allowing me to form my own opinion, but dissuading me from moving forward if he thought that it was not what my wife or I wanted.  I finally purchased a property without my wife having seen it first (she was very happy when she saw what we had purchased).  This was a courageous/stupid risk on my part that worked out only because of Darren’s advice.  In short, he provided professional assistance by placing the customer’s needs, which he learned by probing questions and listening to the responses, over his own immediate financial reward.

Over the last several years we have maintained contact and I have been impressed with his diverse knowledge ranging from fly fishing (he was a former guide) to chemical engineering.  I have also referred others in the past to him and  have observed that he has advised them in the same manner he did me, by giving his honest opinions of valuation and desirability that are not tarnished by what the customer wants to hear.

If you want to learn more about Darren or contact him see:

http://www.jacksonholerealestateproperties.com/about_darren.shtml and


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