String Lake to Hidden Falls – Hiking Grand Teton National Park

If you like mountains, rushing streams, a gorgeous lake, and a waterfall to boot, then this 4 mile round trip hike is for you.   Perhaps long stretches of shade, open terrain recovering from a forest fire and minor elevation gain would interest you as well. 

The trip starts in the String Lake parking lot. 

String Lake

String Lake

You can shorten the distance if you park in the first area on your left.  Lengthen it slightly and park in the last lot, but then you have the advantage of quick access to the bathroom facilities.  Either way, leave the parking area and head to String Lake where you turn left.  Eventually, you will cross a scenic wooden footpath bridge.  Follow the path and continue straight, instead of turning right at the intersection with the String Lake loop trail. 

String Lake to Hidden Falls

Rapids - South of String Lake

You will encounter several views of rapids and be enticed to linger for a tempting camera shot.  You will then leave the water for a short time and enter a recovering burned out area of forest.  Looming over the hill in front of you will be the Tetons,

String Lake to Hidden Falls

Recovering From A Fire

poking out in their majesty. 

After a short walk, you will plunge back into the forest and once again be treated to fast running water on your left.  A few minutes later, you will reach the intersection of the creek with Jenny Lake and then continue your hike along the shores of Jenny Lake. 

Several minutes later, you will reach the dock for the boat that brings those that want to avoid a hike around Jenny Lake over the West side of the Lake.  Continue uphill (hopefully you arrived at a different time than the boat) and in a few short minutes you will reach Hidden Falls.  When I went there on August 4, 2011, the bridge to the falls was blocked off and under repair.  But no problem, the falls attracts too much of a crowd anyway.  There are plenty of rocks from which you can view the water tumbling below.  Those that want to, can continue up another few minutes and rest at Inspiration Point, a magnificent outcropping of rock with views of the whole Lake looking eastwards.

We returned the same way we came.  As usual, the views coming back were a completely different perspective than going out.

Hidden Falls to String Lake

Returning From Hidden Falls

 If you have more time or energy, consider walking around the southern side of the lake and then following the trails heading back to String Lake.  Or, shorten your loop by about three miles and take the boat back and then walk to String Lake.  My recommendation – just return the way you came and if you have energy left walk past the parking lots and continue to Leigh Lake.

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