String Lake – Hiking Grand Teton National Park

It probably was once a river channel connecting Jenny Lake to the South and Leigh Lake to the North. Now, String Lake is nothing short of a spectacular narrow body of sparkling water ringed on its Western and South Western sides by majestic mountains that seemingly stretch from the shore to the clouds.  On its eastern shore are numerous small beaches, some immediately adjacent to the parking lot and others to the North that provide some semblance of privacy.

The trail that rings the lake is easy, especially the stretch from the parking lot north to the bridge that crosses a mild set of rapids to the Western side (about a fifteen minute walk).  The shaded walk keeps you in close contact with the water on the left and the woods on the right.  Should you want to go further, after crossing the bridge follow the trail for another couple of hundred yards until you reach a branch heading South (to your left).  It will lead you back to your starting point in another hour after first circling the lake.

String Lake is not just for viewing. It is also for swimming as well.  The water is warm and in most parts very shallow.  You will see many local people out on the water with all manner of kayaks, canoes and floats soaking up the warmth on a hot summer day.

Should you want to get a bit further away, head north from the parking lot and instead of crossing the bridge to the West, keep going straight and you will shortly reach Leigh Lake.  Keep walking another thirty minutes and you will see a long stretch of beach, no more than 10 yards wide but over 200 yards long.  From here you can picnic in relative solitude and wade out into the water.  After walking several hundred yards into mostly knee to waist high water don’t forget to turn around slowly and drink in the view.  It is an experience that you will never forget!

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