Jackson Hole – Great Harvest Bread Company

Ok.  I can’t believe I am recommending a franchise.  I can’t believe I am recommending that you go all the way to Jackson Hole and then frequent an eatery that you might have back home.  However, this ain’t just your ordinary Great Harvest Bread Company store (and the ordinary ones are pretty darned good too!).  This bakery is special – at least it is to me and everybody I have brought in there.  It is quite different than the franchise that is located where I live.  The owners appear to have taken special care to put their own distinctive twist on the brand.

It starts with the free samples.  They offer you gigantic portions of several different types of bread, swathed in butter or jelly that, except for your guilt, would be enough to eat along with their Snake River Roaster coffee sold by the cup.  However, even though they serve fine looking breakfasts that is not what brings me in.  Even the tempting smells emanating from the freshly baked loaves of bread would not necessarily warrant a stop there an almost command performance.

For me, it is their sandwiches and desserts.  Specifically, it is one of each.  Usually I am a roast beef or corned beef sandwich guy.  However, once I ventured out of my comfort zone when I saw the description of their Cowboy Cobb.  It included:

  • Fresh avocado
  • Smoked turkey breast
  • Crispy bacon
  • Blue cheese spread

When I opened it up forty minutes later up at the Oxbow (see a future post on this incredible wildlife viewing location), I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I was so impressed that between bites I called my wife in Maryland and told her I had found Nirvana.  As I finished my last morsel of this tasty delight I was not saddened because I still had left my old standby desert.  It is the tasty bit of sweetness that brings me back frequently.  They call it a Savannah Bar, but the name does not do it justice.  It comes in several fruit varieties on a thick crust loaded with more butter than should ever be stuffed into one small area. The portion is generous, the taste is glorious, and as a pie and fruit pastry addict, I can tell you that I have never seen the taste/consistency replicated anywhere else.

You can find this delightful bakery ( www.greatharvestjacksonhole.com ) off of the town square on 155 Center Street – 307-734-8227.

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