Local Jackson Hole Authors

1) Saddles to Sushi– The author, Mike Bressler, is an unheralded author outside of the valley whose outdoorsmen look belies his prodigious talent.  I met him for the first time at a writer’s group in the Art’s Center in Jackson Hole (I doubt he remembers me now).  I was captivated as he read a short story about Clyde Thornhill, the subject of the story and the protagonist in Saddles to Sushi, which is an anthology of Clyde’s life. 

Recently, while browsing through the Valley Book Store I was pleased to run across a copy of his book and purchased it immediately.  As I read it I wondered if I was learning about Clyde, Mike or both.  Nevertheless, it never ceases to be entertaining and irreverent but somehow also relevant.

In the  process of exploring Clyde’s relationships with; Susie, his feminist liberal lover; Alice,  his Republican lover; or Lill, his redneck lover – you will become immersed in one man’s perspective of the subtle sub culture in Jackson Hole.  Each of the approximately 65 short stores will leave you in stitches, but scratching your head from the folksy wisdom of a man on the prowl.  The stories center one man’s eternal search for black lace,  simple pleasures and biscuits and gravy in the morning, and .  The backdrop is an often hilarious overview of Jackson Hole’s restaraunts, art galleries, and political lumineries.

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