Wilson – Nora’s Fish Creek Inn Is A Fabulous Place to Eat Breakfast

Nora’s Fish Creek Inn hands down has the best atmosphere to eat breakfast in the Valley.   Every time we visit the valley my wife and I make it a point to eat at Nora’s at least once.  The interior is a large rustic log cabin that oozes the authentic charm of the Old West. Most of my family finds its pancakes to be the signature dish, although I find the omelets not so shabby either. Others will enjoy eating the monster sized huevos rancheros.  Try to get there early or the lines composed of locals and tourists alike might deter you from anything other than a cursory look inside.

It is located in Wilson, which is found by either heading West on Route 22 from Jackson or South on the Teton Village road (U.S. Hwy. 390) from Teton Village or the Aspens and then turning right on Route 22 at the traffic light where the road ends.  Nora’s can be found directly across the street from the Post Office and the General Store (which is well worth exploring).

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